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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – We know you might have questions before you sign up for an IFC Cheer University Colleges of Learning course or IFC CU Individual Membership.  We have put together our most frequently asked questions.  If we have not addressed your questions, let us know!

Q: What is the IFC Cheer University? 

A: IFC Cheer University is a compilation of resources and courses designed to increase the knowledge base in cheerleading industry. The IFC Cheer University through the Colleges of Learning will provide a greater standardized education program for cheerleading professionals at all levels.

Q: What are the benefits of continuing education and certification?

A: A IFC CU course and certification provides visible recognition for educational accomplishments. It indicates an international recognized standard has been achieved. It establishes excellent sport safety standards in cheerleading.

Q: What is the difference between ‘on line’ and ‘on location’ courses? 

A: IFC Cheer University offers many educational opportunities including on location, or hands on, and online courses. Both are considered IFC Cheer University courses. Certification is awarded for each course successfully competed. Hands on courses are held inside the training facility and may or may not involve actually working with athletes. For on location courses, please come dressed and ready to work!

Q: Is there a fee to enter and use the IFC Cheer University?

A: Entry is free as a benefit of IFC CU Individual Membership. Each course may its own individual fee.

Q: What does ‘certification’ mean?

A: Certification means you have completed the elective coursework required to obtain a specified level of IFC CU Colleges of Learning education.

Q: Who should seek certifications?

A: The IFC Cheer University is designed for coaches, athletes, cheer club owners, judges or anyone interested in learning more about cheerleading. Some courses will have a minimum age requirement, however, the IFC CU courses are designed for individuals with or without prior cheer experience.

Q: Will this ‘certification’ make a coach or judge more marketable?

A: Certification through the IFC CU will absolutely make a more marketable individual to current and future employers as well as potential clients. It indicates a commitment to maintaining high standards of ethics, safety and professional conduct. Certification also establishes that the individual has the necessary skills to be a leader in cheerleading. Obtaining noted credentials reinforces professionalism and leadership capabilities.

Q: Why hire someone with a IFC Cheer University Degree?

A: Potential employees who are certified through IFC Cheer University show they have the drive and desire to succeed. It also demonstrates the foundation and necessary basic skills have been learned and mastered. Employers have confidence their IFC CU educated employee selection have reached a specific competency and level of education.

Q: How to determine entry in the University?

A: After purchasing an IFC CU membership (Professional, Junior Professional (Athlete), Judge, Administrator) and upon taking a first required course, completed course work and any certifications achieved are displayed in the individual membership history. This information is kept personal and private.

Q: Do all coaches start at the initial/instructor level?

A: No. Experienced cheerleading professionals meeting specific criteria may apply for prior placement. Please see Prior-Experience for additional information.

Q: Can an experienced coach enter IFC Cheer University at a higher level?

A: Please complete the prior placement application for specific discipline, cheerleading or dance.  Regardless of prior placement, all certifications require course IFC-400 Fundamentals of Cheerleading and IFC 101 Risk Management and Safety Guidelines. Coaches must be at least 21 years old to apply for prior placement.

Q: Can a judge apply for prior placement in the IFC CU School of Judging?

A: Judges with prior rating or certification may apply for prior placement.

Q: How long does it take to process an application for prior placement?

A: It takes approximately 2-4 weeks to process an application for prior placement. Once received via email, it is placed with the IFC CU staff for review. Notification will be returned via email.

Q: Is there any cost to apply for prior placement?

A: As a benefit of IFC CU Professional Membership, prior placement application is free.

Q: Can other education count towards certification with IFC Cheer University? 

A: All certifications must be earned through IFC Cheer University educational courses, clinics, workshops, IFC sanctioned events or IFC approved courses. This requirement provides standardized education, brings high value to certifications, guarantees training level for all participating and enables IFC Cheer University Colleges of Learning to track and verify the requirements.

Q: Are tests applied to coursework to earn a certification?

A: Course work includes testing or quizzes. Each course contains it’s own testing and there is no ‘final’ exam to receive certifications. After courses/requirements are completed, certification is awarded.

Q: Is membership to IFC CU required to earn certification?

A: Yes, individuals must be a Professional, Junior Professional, Judge or Administrator member of IFC CU to become certified. The IFC CU also offers free member courses to anyone in the cheerleading community.

Q: What areas offer certification?

A: Eight (8) different Colleges of Learning areas of study offer certification: Risk Management and Safety, Sports Science, Competition Planning, Coach Certification, Hand-on Training Camps/Clinics, Choreography and Music, Judging, and Business/Administrative. Certification requirements may be different and are defined for each level and College.

Q: How to discover if all requirements have been met for certification?

A: Certification process is managed through the IFC CU website. Individually earned certificates may be printed online. Certifications are updated on a regular basis.

Q: Does attending hands on coaches courses give more credits?

A: Yes. Each coaches clinic is a unique learning experience covering different topics.

Q: Why choose to be certified?

A: IFC firmly believes education is vital to providing quality and safe conditions and training environments for cheerleading participants. IFC CU areas of education helping coaches, instructors, judges and administrators provide fun environments within safety, child development, proper skill technique and progressions, injury prevention, strength conditioning and overall preparation. Proper certification helps prepare cheerleading professionals for their important role in the sport of cheerleading. This ultimately helps raise the proficiency level of cheerleading world wide. Earning IFC CU certification also expands knowledge and increases professional credentials.

Q: How to start the certification process?

A: First, become a member of IFC Cheer University! To earn any certification, membership comes first and then the IFC-401 Fundamentals of Cheerleading and IFC-101 Risk Management and Safety Guidelines second. All certifications have IFC-401 and IFC 101 as a prerequisite to take other courses. Both courses are for a nominal fee.

Q: Do courses need to be completed within a specific time to get a certification?

A: No, Each course may be taken over time. Time is generous in most courses. Course work does not have to be completed in one sitting.

Q: Can courses be taken ahead of the level currently certified in?

A: Yes. Work can be accomplished in courses above or in the next tier of certification. Some restrictions to this rule may apply. However, certification in a higher level will not be granted until all course work for the lower level is completed and passed.

Q: Where will I get my certificate if I have passed a course?

A: After successful completion of a course, the ability to print out your own certificate will be offered. These certificates will be suitable for framing. Certificates may be reprinted at any time free of charge.

Q: Is there an order in which I must take the courses?

A: After taking IFC-400 and IFC 101, each section of Colleges of Learning are open to anyone. There are a few exceptions, however. On location, or hands on courses, must be taken with the corresponding on line course to fulfill the Coaches or Judges Certification.

Q: My friends want to learn more about cheerleading. Can they take some courses?

A: Yes! We highly encourage any interested persons to join the IFC CU and take some of our courses. We offer many that are free, so the only cost is IFC CU Membership Fee (nominal). They may become so interested, they might just take up the sport as a coach, athlete or even a judge!

Q: Why did the IFC start the Cheer University Colleges of Learning?

A: Within our cheerleading industry, there is no complete compilation of knowledge. We felt a need in our industry to create such a data base. This ultimately will keep our child athletes safer through the increased knowledge of coaches, judges and administrators.

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